Products in Tsukuba Fuel Cell Laboratory

 Potential of TFCL
- Materials Innovation and Measuring technology

    TFCL can meet the customer's demands who are engaged in fuel cell comonents and related reesarches with the background of R&D activities so far established during the last decade.

    For example, with AIST, we have worked on new comosite anode catalysts based on Pt and organic complexes that are useful in the stationary fuel cells, with minimum CO posoning. These materials are also expected as anode catalysts in fuel cells for portable applications, such as direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs) or other direct liquid feel fuel cells.

    One of the problems in the direct methanol fuel cell system was the penetration of methanol through the electrolyte membrane. We had been developing low cost, new hydrocarbon acid polymer electrolytes that show high metahnol barrier property, high ionic conductivity, and radical durability.

   A new system design of fuel cells, we had bee working on smallscale DMFC using a micro tubular electrolyte of less than 1 mm diameter.

   Our recent target is the development of new measuring techniques and apparatus, and a model gas diffusion half-cell is developed and utilized for the catalyst screening, with reasonable performance as compared with single fuel cells.

   Based on these research potentials, we work not only on materials R&D requested by customers, but also on new measuring concepts and apparatus, which are applied in basic research experiments, testing equipments and production line apparatus for fuel cell components. Your opinions suggestions are very valuable for us.


Apparatus of Tsukuba Fuel Cell Laboratory, Inc

(From top left) Tubular Furnace (for catalysts synthesis), Tubular Furnace (for large scale sample), Fuel Cell Test Stand, Rotating Ring-Disk Electrode

Photo of Tubular Furnac (small sample)e

Photo of Tubular Furnace (large sample)

Photo of Fuel Cell Test Stand

Photo of Rotating Ring-Disk Electrode

(From bottom left)AC Impedance Analyser, BET Surface Area analyser, Texture Analyser, FT-IR Spectorscopy

Photo of AC Impedance Analyser

Photo of BET Surface Area Analyser

Photo of Texture Analyser

Photo of FT-IR Spectroscopy